Traveling Gavel

Traveling Gavel Rules

It is a well-known fact that when people enjoy what they do, programs and activities go better and are well attended. In that spirit, these rules for the Traveling Gavel of Connecticut DeMolay have been established. It is our hope that this program will encourage visitation among chapters, thereby increasing enthusiasm across Connecticut DeMolay.

  1. Chapters may visit any other chapter on any stated meeting night.
  2. The visiting chapter to the chapter holding the gavel must bring a minimum of 5 DeMolays or 100% of their membership if they have fewer than 5 DeMolays (such as in a new chapter) in order to claim the gavel. (You should check with the Dad Advisor before you visit in case they are holding an event that is not at their regular chapter location.)
  3. If two chapters visit at the same meeting, the chapter with most members visiting claims the gavel.
  4. If two or more chapters visiting the same meeting have the same amount of members present, the chapter that travels the farthest takes the gavel to their chapter.
  5. If there is a problem deciding the winner, the ranking state officer present will call the SMC and he will decide who gets the gavel for that occasion.
  6. Once a chapter has taken possession of the gavel, it is the claiming chapter’s responsibility to notify the SMC of the new location of the gavel; he will see that the gavel's location will be posted on the website for all chapters to know where the gavel can be found

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